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Association’s “Fair Position” anti-corruption project (“the first project”) – the project

that united the first association’s members in intention of decreasing the corruption level

on the Russian electric engineering market


14th April 2016 industrial associations and leading representatives of cable industry signed a common agreement, aimed at resistance of spread of low quality cable and wiring products. The initiative had

a wide resonance among the producers and grand distributors of CWP, it was supported by the state through the Ministry of Promotion and Development and Rosstandard


The project is aimed at provision of fair competition among the producers and distributors

of LED illumination equipment by informing the members of the market about actual technical characteristics of LED illumination in accompanying marketing and technical documentation

as well as identifying and excluding from trafficking falsified lighting technology products


Project “Conformity of basic parameters of cable systems” is intended to help consumers to buy products declared technical characteristics of which correspond to the factual meanings and fully correspond to the requirements of regulatory documents

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Focus of the project: low voltage protective machines of managing and distribution.

Creation of fair competition, decreasing of inappropriate products on the market